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POL 200: Introduction to United States Government

A survey of the theory, principles, and institutions of United States Government from the national to the local level. Emphasis is placed on the government's relationship to the private sector, especially in business.

POL 210: Introduction to International Relations

A brief introductory survey of the history of international relations and an examination of current diplomatic arrangements, techniques and concepts. Focus on helping the future American business person understand the international environment.

POL 230: Current Events

This course is a comparative study of major current political events with past and present political, social and economic principles.

HUM 120: Film in American Culture

Introduction to film as an art form and as a study of the American culture.

BUS 210: Career Development

The course will provide the framework for the career decision making process. It stresses the connection between the student's chosen academic field and career objective. Among techniques employed include resume writing, interview skill development and internet research.